Lady Bird ★★½

I absolutely love coming of age flicks. In fact my two favorite movies 2018 are part of that genre. Unfortunately LADY BIRD won't join them.
I totally get it, but at the same time I'm not feeling it. It's way to tame & safe played and feels like Greta Gerwig had the wish to get her sledgehammer out at certain points. Unfortunately that doesn't work quite well for me. If you wanna go batshit-crazy and all metaphorical, go with THELMA or BLUE MY MIND. If you wanna portray the complete downfall and failed social security nets for teenage girls, go with GIRLHOOD or CLIP.
LADY BIRD feels like a strange mixture between those two typos with all the catholic stuff and boredom of Sacramento. So at the end it's quite boring itself.

At least that film brought "Cry Me A River" back into my mind. Early 2000's Justin Timerlake rocks!