2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★

Overwhelming hope
Created by machines and
The lost human soul  

Experiencing this movie is the equivalent of having a best friend who wants to take you on an unknown journey. You don’t know what the fuck you are getting yourself into, but this experience will make you TRANSCEND. I turned up my volume and cut off all the lights in my room to immerse myself into this movie.

The movie can be viewed as a celebration on how far we as a species have come. We continue to evolve to conquer our environment. Our evolution is something we should be proud of, especially with how technologically advance we have become. The movie can also be viewed as a cautionary tale on separating from our natural environment to be surrounded by our technological advances can leave us feeling isolated. Why not take the technology and combine it with our natural environments? It’s hard cause our natural need for discovery sometimes causes us to leave behind what is familiar since we might view it as something that is holding us back from discovering new ideas. These sacrifices may provide one with new knowledge about the unknown, but how can they rationale the new information if they are completely isolated and almost devoid of genuine emotion.

We as a species can learn and achieve so much, but mainly relying on technology and not the human spirit that help create the technology can cause one to forgot how unique mankind is. We will continue making discoveries together. Just like how we can get through this pandemic together. We can’t wait to explore new things about the world agin, but give it time. But until than, use the technology in your environment to connect with others and help you realize how beautiful and creative your soul is.

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