Scream ★★★★★

This is about a generation trying to survive being manipulated and controlled by a postmodern audience who wants control over how their cherished images of the past are presented in the modern day. A group that thrives off of repacked images that encourage apathy and ignorance that enhance how empty certain locations. Empty spaces that choose to isolate evens and make people feel as if that nobody in the world cares about the harm being done to them. 

The new generation, specifically the Carpenter (:D) sisters, strive to survive the world by navigating their decisions through displays of empathy and sincere action through an honest display of courage that is rooted in a desire to protect those who feel like they are now destined to be part of some sort of space where nobody wants to protect them in. The Carpenters strive to preserve and protect not only themselves but also others within the same spaces they share. Reclaiming the images, locations, and stories as a means of reclaiming agency of their own lives that others believe that have a right to control and make into their own experiences. 

A story about reclaiming images and stories that make us feel emotion that we wish to share with others rather than those who seek to claim own ship over stories that are intended to help people heal and learn from. Scream 5 is about understand a stories legacy and determining how to move on rather than suffering within the imagery that replicates the trauma of the past. Those part of old history can find peace while those whose stories are just now being created can find protection and and sense that people care about their existence by surviving together rather than in isolation.

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