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  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    Adriano Tardiolo might have the best performance of the year here due to the fact that I don't think this film even remotely comes close to working without his demeanor and that face, those eyes.

  • Uncle Drew

    Uncle Drew


    I had a lot of fun with this & the comedy was pretty solid throughout (except for the dance-off non-sense). I appreciated the timeout joke directed at Webber & Shaq calling someone Kobe for not passing the ball. And honestly, Webber was surprisingly good in this. It was impressive.

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  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    Often times certain films hold a special place in my heart, as I am sure the same can be said of almost everyone else. My memory of The Royal Tenenbaums involves a group of friends driving one hour (both ways) to Baltimore to catch it at the Charles Theater. At the time, that was the only way to see Wes Anderson’s newest film, since growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, one did not have the opportunity to see…

  • Au Hasard Balthazar

    Au Hasard Balthazar


    Robert Bresson has an insane 7 films on the Sight and Sound list.

    Now, I may or may not possess the Malick gene, the jury is still out, but having watched two Bressons now (this and Pickpocket) I'm almost certain I do not possess a Bresson gene.

    Maybe...completely devoid of the Bresson gene.

    This is, without a doubt, the main director that is so critically praised and universally loved and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why. To…