Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★½

Preface: I saw the Final Cut version.

It seems as though Ridley Scott has a collection of great ideas buried deep within that mind of his, fully developed cinematic masterpieces littered throughout the grey matter, yet he also seems to be completely devoid of the brain functions needed to fully conceptualize these grand ideas and bringing them to fruition.

First problem...first HUGE problem - Vangelis's score. Do me a favor, get your synthesizers and fuck off. Ungodly irritating and distracting in every possible way, synthesizers incessantly swelling, jockeying for attention and trying entirely too hard to bring some sort of importance to every mundane event in Blade Runner.

Cop car/hovercrafts ascending...EPIC MUSIC...all for what? the cop car/hovercraft to park?!?!?!...EQUALLY EPIC PARKING MUSIC.

Giant positive...really only positive - The world, the whole look and feel of the film. Douglas Trumbull, Lawrence Paull and David Snyder (among others) do an unbelievable job of world-building. I was completely sucked, thoroughly entrenched this dystopian future...even when Scott, Fancher, and Peoples continuously slap me in the face with their ridiculously underdeveloped narrative.

A guy reluctantly hunts replicants...actually he only kills 50% of them. He's actually pretty shitty at his job come to think of it.

The Zhora storyline seems like an excuse just have someone crashing through glass, then crash through more glass all while wearing a transparent rain slicker.

My favorite part of the film in a this is ridiculous kind of way was the fact that Rutger Hauer's Roy Batty decides that before he beings his onslaught of Deckard, he prepares by sporting some sweet cycling shorts, grabbing himself a dove (just in case he dies because shit...that's a theatrical way to go) and howling like a wolf!

Cycling shorts!

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