Girlhood ★★★½

Everything involving Vic, Lady, Adiatou and Fily were the high points,no doubt about it...even the Rihanna sequence which I'm surprised I liked.

Although, Girlhood didn't live up to the expectation cultivated by the endless praise I've been seeing...and the funny joke comparisons to Boyhood. Still an enjoyable, well-paced coming-of-age drama that features a number of remarkable performances (especially Karidja Toure and Assa Sylla).

The only problem I really had with Girlhood would be the shorthand nature of the narrative. Everything feels rushed, as if Sciamma is hurriedly ushering us to the next step of Vic's age-cominging to mask the fact that she never really fully developed the last development. We just keep scurrying along from plot point to plot point until the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening sequence, and its implications, of the triumphant women walking home together, slowly branching off in varying directions; at first, full of energy and chatter which turns to silence in the presence of the small pockets of men littered throughout their route.

The over-arcing immigrant thread was handled quite well with Vic endlessly assimilating within each new stage of the story. Subtle, yet effective.

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