Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★

Brand new packaging yet the contents are the same!

Have you ever encountered a reversing wheel lacking endshake, which in turn renders your oscillating weight nonfunctional making the entire automatic module a failure, failing to effectively wind the mainspring?

Did you follow that?

The way you felt reading that little paragraph is the way I felt trying to follow Guardians of the Galaxy's plotline. All I got was funny name guy hires another guy to get an orb (b/c he's stuck in a chair?) but Starlord finds the orb first. CGI, CGI, CGI, CGI, CGI, more shiny things, someone else has the orb, big battle, everyone happy.

None of the emotional scenes worked for me, they just felt awkward and unwarranted.

I was rather surprised by how much I enjoyed the talking wise-ass raccoon and also Dave Bautista as Drax. And, I guess bravo to Marvel for allowing me to put those absurd words together in a sentence.

Biggest waste of money in 2014?
Vin Diesel as about a gig? How much did he get to say "I am Groot" 4 or 5 times, plus 1 "We are Groot"?

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