Housebound ★★★

Horror-Comedy time with Gerard Johnstone's Housebound wherein a serial offender, Kylie (Morgana O'Reilly), gets a slap on the wrist for blowing up an ATM with a nine month house arrest sentence.

A nine month !!!HAUNTED HOUSE!!! arrest sentence.

The biggest flaw with Housebound is its run-time, clocking in at an unnecessary 107 minutes the film takes seemingly forever to get started. The first 45 minutes or so contain little to no comedy, only establishing (over and over again) that Kylie is an ungrateful, disrespectful asshole, but then some supernatural shit hits the fan at the feet of 3/4th Jesus and we are a rolling.

Glen-Paul Waru's Amos character jumps into action as the supernatural ghost detective or whatever they call themselves, waking up and softening the Kylie character as the two team-up to solve some mysteries. The story twists and turns all over the place while the comedic tone starts to bubble up to the surface.

Sure there's giant plotholes everywhere but damn it I just downright enjoyed myself which I think I earned from sitting through the first 45 minutes or so. Plus, I was rewarded with an exploding head sequence!

All of these mystery-solving events kick off because of a stolen Vacheron Constantin pocket watch...maybe...probably not.

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