Interstellar ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Couldn't decide between a soft seven or hard six or soft all depends on what aspect of Interstellar I find myself focusing on.

Kudos and applause for the Nolan Brothers utilizing a black hole as a major plot point which in turn gives them free reign to do whatever the hell they want. I must admit the look of the tesseract was rather impressive, especially when it began folding in on itself. The only thing I don't fully comprehend during this time is the fact that McConaughey relays the data into the second hand of the Hamilton (formerly Lancaster County's own) watch. Now, I understand he can manipulate the gravity strands...but the watch ends up in a box...wouldn't he have to continuously manipulate the second hand in order for the data to stick? Moving the watch, would move it through a series of gravity strands that are not being manipulated thus nullifying the work McConaughey put in. But whatever, all bets are off in the tesseract.

I honestly didn't mind the whole love-is-the-answer plot device but if your film is going to hinge on this idea, let's present that idea in a much better way than the Hathaway speech. I was, however, more annoyed and insulted with the repeated over-explanations I was subjected to towards the beginning of the film - explaining Lazarus numerous times over, Mr. Wizard pencil through the paper WORMHOLES explanation, among others. Cool it with that stuff.

Monolith-inspired robots seems extremely inefficient.
Cut out most of the Dr. Mann nonsense.
Sentimental-sapness was handled much better than Gravity.

A decent amount of flaws that were balanced out by a couple of things - the effects work, the cinematography, some of the acting, the ambition and scope of it all.

Ended with a soft seven because of the visuals and the effects work - the tesseract, the wormhole passage, close-up of Saturn, the planets, the black hole descent.

UPDATE (because I forgot): The whole black hole tesseract as the afterlife created by highly-evolved being (i.e. us after death) was intriguing and inventive, even as the atheist I am I could appreciate the attempt to meld the afterlife with science.