It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★

"His bathmats are gorgeous." - The narrator with the peculiar cadence

Simplicity done wonderfully.

Three shorts cut into three chapters for one feature...finally I've been able to see one of these Don Hertzfeldt films. You know, the ones you guys have been raving about since I joined Letterboxd.

The only negatives I have for It's Such a Beautiful Day reside mostly in the second short film/chapter, I Am So Proud of You, wherein the film slightly devolves into a garbled mess of ridiculousness that, at once, feels completely random and at the same time monotonous. I understand that it works in the sense that Bill is fabricating and restructuring family history and memories, but at the same time it is a bit taxing to watch. This mostly due to the strength of the first chapter.

The film does come around in the third chapter. Somethings become repetitive still, yet the repetitive nature has a soothing quality to it, rendering the repeated sequences mesmerizing instead of disengaging. I mean the way Bill's eyes turn into backwards nines upon glimpsing the abandoned shoe filled with leaves - FANTASTIC!

All of the beauty and majesty of this minimalist animated film resides constantly in the modest movements of our lead character. A slight tilt of the head; apprehensively raising his hand to touch some paper towels; the way in which he drops a mug; the aforementioned recognition of a leaf-filled shoe; all of these unassuming movements culminate to illustrate the universal banal ballet of sorts each of us perform on a daily basis.

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