Kingsman: The Secret Service ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

fight/action scenes are disorienting and nauseating, shrouding most of the actual action through rapid cutting and a camera that felt housed in a gyroscope.

found it interesting that The Kingsmen, as an organization, are fairly incompetent and wholly assholistic. First, Harry misses the shot and gets his colleague killed. Then, Lancelot gets wrecked and Harry gets blown up trying to simply talk to someone. And, as a whole, they ignore Eggsy’s family for like 15 or so years and then, it pissy with him because he would not shoot a dog. All the money and resources they seem to have and all they can muster is a medal for the widow?

why is the last test, killing a dog? Not only that but killing a dog you raised...for no reason. All that talk about being gentlemen and loyalty and then...shoot your dog in the face and you can be a Kingsmen working alongside the incompetent pricks that got your father killed.

Samuel L. Jackson seemed to be enjoying himself.

The whole “if you save the world, I’ll let you do in the asshole” bit was completely unnecessary and out of place, really. It’s such a small, trivial bit of story but that, in turn, makes it far more infuriating.

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