Mad Max: Fury Road ★★★★½

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Right off the bat...a lot of the dialogue is atrocious. The film is so much better when the character's shut their faces, especially Tom Hardy. Tom, why are we grunting? constantly? Is Max an ape?

But, let's be honest we didn't saunter (I sauntered so hard) into Mad Max: Fury Road expecting cut-to-the-bone-poignant dialogue to spill forth from the mouths of a ragtag group of Slipknot cover band members...and an ape-man.

I love this world, the thing I enjoyed the most would be the lack of backstory - effective myth-making. Also, action...probably the action. The action is relentless. I'm generally not a fan of explosions and car chases/combat but damn this is spectacular. Could do without the speed-ramping shit again though (plus the score).

Camerawork was on-point as well, particularly the patience showed:
- the opening sequence - holding for the chasers
- panning across all the vehicles during chase sequences
- slowly pulling in during the war machine flipping towards the end (except that they cut...don't cut)
- Max emerging from the sand
- everything else

This thing has fire tornado explosions. Explosions happening in and around, what look to be, fire tornadoes. Are you fucking kidding me with the fire tornadoes! Plus, a guy's face gets ripped off! (by a fire tornado? god no, I wish! fingers crossed for Mad Max 2)

sidenote: Generally, as a rule I immediately appreciate/love/enjoy anything that irritates men's rights activists.

Mad Max: Fury Road should have been longer...much longer, like 196 minutes long.

edit/addition: I didn't see it in 3D, but the 3D bits were awful. I'm talking the guitar flying at the screen along with the steering wheel. Please stop this nonsense.

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