Necktie Youth

Necktie Youth ★★★½

An episodic mosaic of the disaffected youths of Johannesburg, unable to care and/or connect with each other, shot in black and white while incorporating a number of elements - documentary, voice-over reminiscings over top vintage footage in color, disorienting drug sequences and more.

All of these elements culminate into an unbalanced concoction of a statement piece; some elements work wonderfully while others segments carry little weight. When the film focuses on the camaraderie between Dabz (Bonko Cosmo Khoza) and September (director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer) it's at its best, full of life and energy. The dialogue and chemistry between the two is exceptional; the dialogue runs the gamut of poignant to humorous.

A successful debut for Shongwe-La Mer, mostly due to his performance as the flex-obsessed September. I look forward to witnessing what he creates in the future.

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