Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors ★★★★

A perfect example of a film that tells a somewhat dull story, but makes up for it with ballsy, experimental (and perfectly executed) cinematography.

I couldn't have cared less about the story, honestly. The acting was serviceable, effectively moving the plot along complete with some throwback silent film-style acting.

But back to the main attraction - the cinematography. Yuri Ilyenko and Parajanov nail it over and over again. From the beginning with the camera dropped from a tree crushing a man to the camera tracking the young boy trudging down the birch tree thick, snow covered hills.

The man striking the camera lens, blood rushing across the frame and morphing into blood red horses galloping overhead.

The zoopraxiscope-style images shrouded in leaves.

The entire sequence involving Ivan searching for Marichka in the river. Then the insanely composed images of that long three section wooden raft floating down the fog-thick river. Good Lord! Everything about this is perfect.

Then it gets even more experimental with the TAVERN section of the film, especially the ending - slow-motion light-trail nightmare.

If you love cinematography Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is a must see!