Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

What? now The Terminator is the good guy?

Arnold appearing in the present day and his search for clothing is the definitely an entertaining opening for both films.

Again, all of the effects work are highly impressive except for the full body transformation of liquid metal to human form, but still. I mean the split-in-half head of liquid metal core was magic. Fucking magic I tell you!

Plus, the intensity levels are high, much higher than the first Terminator. That nightmare sequence wherein a playground full of parents and children catches fire, everyone screaming at the top of their charred lungs until their fleshhusks crisp over Pompeii-style was a bit unsettling. And by a bit, I mean one of the single, most terrifying and unsettling images I've seen in film. Oh shitttttttttt! but wait...how about we have those charred corpses of children and mothers with their horrifying deathscream centers explode (I stress the fuck out of explode), leaving behind nothing but skeletons in a state of surpriseshock terror.

Even the fucking skeletons were surprised by the intensity of that sequence.

That scene exists in this movie, alongside buddy-buddy comedy bonding time with Arnold and Furlong. Sweet Jesus...

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