The Babadook ★★★½

I was hoping for a little more Babadook in my Babadook.

But, when the Babadook does appear in The Babadook - holy shit - the creepy factor skyrockets thanks to the inhaling-asthma-death-wheeze of a voice the Babadook possesses.

Heads up...I like saying the Babadook.

The master stroke of Jennifer Kent's debut presents itself in the opening third with Kent fully immersing the viewer in Amelia's (Essie Davis) headspace, the fatigue, the frustration, the exasperation stemming from Samuel's (Noah Wiseman) wailing, disobedience, overall clinginess, wailing, incessantly yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!" Worse yet, when she's away from Samuel she's at work at a nursing home with more children (most elderly in nursing home = annoying children...sorry but it's true). All of this is executed perfectly through an irritatingly suffocating sound design, acting, and editing from Simon Njoo (the editing is phenomenal).

The Babadook is more psychological character study (postpartum psychosis and PTSD) than your standard scarefest revolving around a top hat wearing, demon silhouette with ridiculously long arms with talonspikes for fingers and presumably a cell phone...or, at least, a landline.

I'm starting to think this should be an 8...but I already clicked the stars.

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