The Match Factory Girl ★★★

I enjoyed the story of Iris and her life of isolation and sadness filled with a mind-numbingly boring job at a match factory, asshole parents, a shit social life and soul-crushing realization that when things started to look up for all went to shit...quickly.

However, she does find a way to fight back, but unfortunately all these events are captured with a spiritless camera that seemed to be as bored as everyone else in the film. Honestly not a single scene worth mentioning; nothing in the sense of imagery that captivated me or elicited any type of response. Nothing.

This is also categorized as a Comedy? One scene made me chortle. The word chortle is funnier than this film. I enjoy dark comedies, but besides the clothing and hairstyles - I'm not seeing it.

I cannot be too upset though, the film is only 68 minutes long.

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