The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★

I honestly do not try to be a contrarian, but sometimes it just happens.

Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street highlights the biggest flaw within the criticism field which is immediacy; the fact that reviews must come out before or at the release of a film because...that's the way it works. My initial reaction to Scorsese's latest - tiresomely taxing - although, that could change within the coming months. I could grow to appreciate it and ultimately enjoy this film or I could, just as easily, grow to dislike it even further...who knows.

Almost every scene seems to be drawn out well past its welcome to the point of one-dimensional tedium. 3 hours of debauchery to tell me Jordan Belfort is a sleazy, egotistical, greedy arrogant prick...I get it! Plenty of people were laughing and enjoying themselves, but it quickly grew repetitively dull to me. I also fear that a large portion of people are going to miss the point, idolizing Belfort and this film much like Scarface (not the film's fault entirely, by the way).

Sex, drugs, drugsex, drawn out conversation about something ridiculous (perhaps dwarf tossing)...repeat for 3 hours. The overuse of voiceover grew tiresome as well, needlessly infecting almost every scene (i.e. Joanna Lumley and Jean Dujardin) while I did thoroughly enjoy the handful of fourth wall breaks.

The one thing I can agree on, is the performances with DiCaprio giving his greatest performance to date; the supporting cast also handles themselves quite admirably with Jonah Hill stealing a number of scenes along with an inspired comeback from quaaludes.

*sidenote rant: I'm starting to really hate going to the theater. How hard is it to shut your fucking mouth for the duration of a film? I had a piece of shit middle-aged man right behind me endlessly commenting on anything and everything.

here's some pearls from fuckface:

"Ohhhhh! remember the tennis bracelet craze?"
"Ahhhh! a payphone! remember those!"
"[some weird guttural orgasm-type noise anytime they showed Margot Robbie or any other woman]"
- honestly, have you never seen a woman before? For fuck sake!
3 hours of that shit! complete with kicking my seat every 10 minutes or so...I guess as a side effect of his orgasm-inducing sight of Margot Robbie.

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