Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★


Rarely are art and entertainment blended so perfectly and uncompromisingly as in Groundhog Day. The blend is so perfect that I did not fully appreciate the film on my first viewing, I was simply entertained. Subsequent viewings reveal that Groundhog Day has insight on relationships, personal fulfillment, and mortality.

Bill Murray holds the film together in the best performance of his career, in my opinion. His transition from cynical pessimist to...well...cynical optimist is convincing, and Murray's performance is what will keep me returning to this film time and time again. The story unfolds because the main character develops and therefore moves the story along, not the other way around.

We see Phil learn about himself and improve during his time in the loop, and in turn we learn about ourselves. If we are lucky, we learn that we do not need to wait for a time loop to begin to improve ourselves a little every day, brick by brick.

Oh, and the movie is funny!

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