Tenet ★★★★

(5 fo tuo 4) TAERG :edarG


Christopher Nolan has crafted yet another well executed mind bending film in Tenet. While in previous films, such as Inception, Nolan was able to balance plot development and character development, Tenet mainly focuses on its plot.

From the opening scene, the plot hits you like a runaway train. The director does not slow the train down for you to catch up, you either keep up or watch the movie again. I am a fan of movies that beg for multiple viewings and do not give away the goods on the first viewing. 

The main attraction here are the effects. Even if you hate the plot, characters, pacing, etc. the effects of film are creative and convincing. Watching the technical execution of this story is worth the price of admission. 

By the end of Tenet, I couldn’t wait to watch it again and discuss it with my friends. The only problem was I couldn’t tell if I was walking forwards or backwards.

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