Ant-Man and the Wasp

So does Scott Lang actually have a character or is the character just Paul Rudd in an Ant-Man suit. I love Paul Rudd but can't Marvel write anything more for his character?

I was not a big fan of the original Ant-Man as many know but Disney and Marvel really wanted to prove themselves with this film. After seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp I have a new found appreciation for the original Ant-Man. This must've been their plan from the start because Ant-Man and the Wasp is a terrible film in every regard. The plot makes no sense, the characters are as flat as their cardboard cutouts outside the theater, the dialogue is bad, the film takes no risks, and even the action (a highlight of the first Ant-Man) is rather dull and uninspired. The Marvel formula is really starting to get old and this film does nothing to make it stand out from Marvel's better films such as Guardians 1 & 2, Winter Soldier, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The novelty of the first film was watching a normal guy partaking in a small heist plot set in the Marvel Universe. The action was fun because it is the first time we've seen Ant-Man getting the hang of his suit and his ability to shrink/grow objects. It was charming and creative even though I didn't think the first Ant-Man was that good of a film as well. The issue with the first Ant-Man, an issue this film has as well, is that there isn't a compelling story or characters to keep you going. Paul Rudd plays Paul Rudd in a superhero costume. Michael Douglas plays a scientist who spouts techno jargon that the actors can't make sense of. Hope (The Wasp) is just the stereotypical bad ass chick who has no character aside from she can kick ass. Michael Pena is thrown in to be the comedic relief even if he has no baring on the plot. These issues permeate this sequel as well except this time it's even worse because there aren't even any clever set pieces or funny comedy to keep you going. All of the jokes fall flat and lack the wit of even the worst jokes in the first film.
The villains are horribly underwritten. I feel bad for many of the actors in the film who try their best to work with such bad dialogue and such thinly written characters. I do not blame a single actor in this talented set of actors for their performances. I entirely blame the script and the direction.
The film is very poorly paced and poorly edited. There is a scene in this movie where the villain reads her backstory off of cue cards off camera while Paul Rudd and his pals try to escape. Once they hatch their escape plan our heros run off frame and out of the room. The very next shot is of them back in their facility. What? That's it? How the fuck did they get here?
Our hero Ant-Man as well as Michael Pena serve little to no function in the plot, and actually do more harm than good. They're both so irrationally incompetent and stupid I am in physical pain having to watch these two morons try and save the day. We're expected to care about the mother character we've never seen before who is given 3 minutes of screen time before the 3rd act kicks in. Even the score sounds like it's taken out of a straight to VHS buddy cop movie from the 80's.

The directing isn't even on the level of a television show on ABC. The shot composition, lighting, and production design are flat and uninspired. It feels like a film written, edited and directed by a machine programmed to make the least offensive product possible. What we're left with is a film that takes no chances and does nothing remotely exceptional. There is no reason to see this film unless you are a fan of Marvel. To those of you I say god bless and enjoy. I consider myself a fan of Marvel as well, but not enough to make excuses for this.