The Amazing Johnathan Documentary ★★

Magic was an obsession of mine when I was younger. I remember discovering Amazing Johnathan clips on youtube and being both in awe and laughing. His take on magic was very fresh and I was far more interested in Johnathan then watching the director bud into other documentaries being made on the John, like a jealous boyfriend or something.

The first half hour was pretty standard, but informative and entertaining. Then the film runs out of material and by the end I didn't feel like I learned any more about Johnathan, or that he went on some important journey. Maybe there wasn't much to explore, maybe he's just a guy trying to live his life and he doesn't need some grand documentary on his life story. I'm fine with that, it just wasn't all that interesting to watch.

The attempt to liven it up by exploring the other documentaries being made only took time away from the subject matter of the doc. This film is not called "The Benjamin Berman Documentary." I would've preferred more Mad Chad over Ben.

If you are a fan of John or want a brief overview of this guy's career watch the first 40 minutes or so (after the Mad Chad scene).