Bad Education ★★★★

Unsurprisingly, it was a step down from Thoroughbreds in my eyes, but Bad Education is nevertheless pretty damn good. 

Hugh Jackman is simply fantastic in this role, and while there was much less Allison Janney than I thought there would be, she was still very good when she was on screen. The other supporting cast all held my attention well, and not a single character felt unnecessary, which is sometimes a problem with these types of movies.

Cory Finley does a extremely good job again as director, and the score here is just perfect(both this and Thoroughbreds have some of my favourite soundtracks and score).

The only thing holding Bad Education back for me is the subject matter. Finley and the writers do a great job making it as interesting and engaging as they can, but I just can’t find it in myself to get completely hooked on a story about school employees skimming money, no matter how insane the scale is.

Still, Bad Education is a very solid film and I cannot wait to see Finley’s next project, whatever it might be