Casino Royale

Casino Royale ★★★★★

„Casino Royale“ is in my opinion still the best Bond film.

I actually forgot how this film‘s action scenes are. It isn’t an Editing Massacre like in „Quantum of Solace“, you could always see what was going on in fight scenes. Maybe the action set pieces were bigger in other Bond films, but the ones in this film are just so much more memorable through the way the camera captures them. A hand to hand combat fight in a bathroom or on a staircase could‘ve easily easily been generic and forgettable, but somehow those sequences are the most intense in the film. Of course „Casino Royale“ also has its fair share of bigger action sequences like the chase on the carne at the beginning of the film or the scene at the airport for example and those action sequences are also incredibly well handled. 

Generally the movie holds up incredibly well. It’s a great looking film. There are no moments of bad visual effects or something like that. If I wouldn’t have known better I would’ve thought this was made in the early 2010‘s and not 2006.

Daniel Craig is the perfect modern Bond. His Version is still an absolute Badass, but he also has is human and occasionally gets beaten or outsmarted by the bad guys. This leads me to the main villain of the film, Le Chiffre, played by the incredible Mads Mikkelsen, who is easily one of the most sinister and realistic Bond villains. Eva Green‘s Vesper Lynd is by far my favorite Bond Girl, because this is the only time where we  see Bond genuinely loving someone and because she’s actually more than just a sextrophy for Bond. She has her own character and kind of is a Badass herself.

It was a great experience rewatching this incredible action flickend now I can’t wait to rewatch Skyfall and Spectre. (However, I’m not really looking forward to what I‘m going to rewatch next: „Quantum of Solace“.  But who knows maybe that film also aged well and I like it now?)

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