Tenet ★★★★★

Tenet doesn’t tell a complicated time travel story, but that’s a good thing. There aren’t as many exposition dumps as in some of Nolan’s other movies. The film much more works after the philosophy of „Show don’t tell“ (compared to Nolan’s other work at least. I found it to be less exposition heavy than Interstellar or Inception. I guess it’s philosophy is more „show, but also tell when it’s required“). It’s smart, yet simple. That being said, there are still reveals and twists that will blow you away.

The action scenes are phenomenal. There are a couple of set piece in this Film that just had me in awe and I was constantly thinking to myself „How did they do that?“. In this aspect it’s easily Nolan’s best film yet.

I also really liked all of the characters. Yes, even Elizabeth Debicki’s Kat. Her role in this film might be a bit stereotypical and outdated, but I personally saw it more as an homage to other spy flicks, which to be fair still doesn’t change the fact that it’s cliche and outdated. That being said, Kat is anything, but a typical helpless damsel in distress. She has a couple of badass moments.

The highlights of the film in terms of characters are definitely John David Washington‘s Protagonist (yes, that’s actually his name) and Robert Pattinson‘s Neill and their growing friendship for me.

I also love Kenneth Branagh’s Andrei Sator. He‘s really menacing and generally just a fantastic antagonist.

I really don’t get the criticism that the film is apparently humorless. There were a lot of quips, especially from Pattinson and Washington that I found to be quite funny.

I also don’t agree with the statement that you have to see this film twice to understand it. As I said before, the general story is quite simple, it‘s just the details in the background that will definitely reward a second viewing.

Overall I loved Tenet. It’s Nolan‘s most on brand film since Inception, yet he has improved in so many ways. I‘ll definitely watch this a second time at the theater.


So if you’re in a safer region, grab your mask and go straight to your closest cinema, because you’re gonna want to watch this movie on the biggest screen and with the best sound system possible.

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