The Dark Tower ★★★

The first 20 minutes of this film are actually good in my opinion. Jake finding out about the „portals“ and the other worlds, is very entertaining. But after that, every scene feels rushed. The biggest problem is that they put way too much of the book series’ mythology into this 1 film. I really like how the film makes the story, other than the book, more about Jake than Roland. Tom Taylor is perfect as Jake and Idris Elba gives us a really interesting different take on the gunslinger. They are a perfect duo. Matthew McConaughey has a lot of fun playing the man in black. However, he comes of more silly than scary. To be fair he is sometimes a little bit silly in the books, but there’s more of an balance between scary and silly in the books. 
The cinematography is good and the action is well directed. The  shootouts look absolutely perfect. I generally really like the visuals. The only problem is that the CG sometimes looks really bad.

Another thing that’s really great and super underappreciated about this film is the score by JunkieXL/Tom Holkenborg. It perfectly captures the feeling of adventure (Just listen to the track „Roland of eld“!)

I still like this film, but I now see a lot more of its problems. The biggest problem is the script, even tho I like some of the ideas (like making Jake the main character). This is also a film where there was obviously a lot of studio interference.
I just wish they wouldn‘t have crammed all these stories from multiple books into one 90 minutes long movie.