Rami Raff

In honor of Nic Cage, here are four favorite Cage performances.

Favorite films

  • Adaptation.
  • Valley Girl
  • Pig
  • Raising Arizona

Recent activity

  • Jackass 4.5


  • Top Gun


  • Wrath of Man


  • The Gentlemen


Recent reviews

  • The Legacy

    The Legacy


    The New Bev paired this with an underrated favorite, THE SENTINEL and unfortunately that raised expectation way too high for me. Richard Marquand knows how to bring unease, but it happens so intermittently that there's huge chunks of the movie where everyone seems to forget this is a horror movie. Instead it's basically a poorly lit, English countryside ROSEMARY'S BABY with a little mix of TEN LITTLE INDIANS for good measure. Will never not be wild to see young Sam Elliott but there it is. Also boy oh boy is this movie's poster writing checks it cannot possibly cash.

  • For Love of the Game

    For Love of the Game


    I’ve never ever been bored watching a Raimi movie and this put me right on the edge of boredom. When you’ve got Costner, whose already starred in arguably the best baseball romance of all time you absolutely MUST bring it, but his relationship scenes with Preston are inconsistent and the character choices feel designed to prolong things rather than happen organically. Also, where’s the Raimi? Did I pee during a ball POV full on EVIL DEAD-ing towards a Yankee batter?

Popular reviews

  • Incoherence



    Its incredibly satisfying to watch an early work from a filmmaker you admire and see all the themes and signatures that are present in their work right there in their infancy. Such is the case with Bong's fun series of shorts that link up thematically and then eventually narratively. On display is his ability to quickly pivot in tone, his dynamic action and his skill at finding moments of absurd comedy in what otherwise would be unbearable tension.

  • Jaws



    What we're dealing with is a perfect engine.