Rami Raff

In honor of August here’s four back to school movies.

Favorite films

  • Everybody Wants Some!!
  • School of Rock
  • Rushmore
  • Grease 2

Recent activity

  • 2 Guns


  • Firefox


  • Prey


  • Predator 2


Recent reviews

  • LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

    LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation


    These Lego movies treat the sequel characters more lovingly than episode IX, that’s for sure. I love how they use the whole Buffalo in terms of Star Wars canon so you can have a Clone Wars deep cut but then hit a Book of Boba Fett music cue. The segment on Endor with Paul F Tompkins is a Cerean townie who bullies Ben Solo into joyriding the Falcon is a highlight, but they’re all good (I even got a little teary at the end of that one).

  • Moonraker



    Please note that despite the low rating I very much enjoyed this very stupid stupid stupid James Bond movie. I know these things have never been shackled to verisimilitude, and especially so once Moore took over, but the palpable desire to chase that late 70’s sci-fi box office is charmingly shameless. There’s a point where it becomes indistinguishable from say an Austin Powers film. But who cares. It’s a non-stop spinning wheel of delirious action sequences ranging from sublime (a daring sky dive chase sequence further complicated by the presence of Jaws is exhilarating) to the ridiculous (a centrifuge assassination attempt, laser gun fights).

Popular reviews

  • Incoherence



    Its incredibly satisfying to watch an early work from a filmmaker you admire and see all the themes and signatures that are present in their work right there in their infancy. Such is the case with Bong's fun series of shorts that link up thematically and then eventually narratively. On display is his ability to quickly pivot in tone, his dynamic action and his skill at finding moments of absurd comedy in what otherwise would be unbearable tension.

  • Jaws



    What we're dealing with is a perfect engine.