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  • Passengers


    - "The film doesn't necessarily go as deeply into the moral implications of his choice as much as it might have done but I don’t think it ever suggests to an audience that what he did was not absolutely unforgiveable."

    - " 'I'm in love with you.' Girl no you are not, you have just suffered trauma and you’re crazy."

    Actually it’s worth listening to the discussion on the podcast, because I can’t actually transliterate the noises Kailey made when she was describing how this film made her feel.

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals

    "I enjoyed the way the story-telling was structured but it was a very brutal story which ... seems to be the trend right now and I'm exhausted by it."

    "... [Ford]'s constructed two of the furthest apart extremes that he could in terms of the story in the novel and her artworld bubble and he may have laid that on a bit thick but in terms of emotional punch it works really well."

    "One of the most interesting films I've seen this year."

    #2wr Great book

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  • Foxcatcher


    Dan: "It took itself sooo seriously."
    Kailey: "It's a serious story."
    Dan: "No it's not, it's about wrestling."

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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending

    Dan: "One of my favourite films of the year."
    Kailey: "What ...?"

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