Heat ★★★★★

Michael Mann's "Heat" is pretty much a classic of the crime film genre joining all those other great crime films that came before. Its longer than them but there's not much if any of its near three hours running time that seems wasted. It succeeded in making you care about each of the main characters AND even in getting you to care about their significant others. And then the action is just so well executed, like every fucking frame of it just about. But in spite of the greatness of the action, it pales in comparison with the outstanding acting and writing. I especially liked Al Pacino as the detective on his third marriage with a stepdaughter played by Natalie Portman. But Robert De Niro and Amy Brenneman were just as great. But then the action is fantasically realized. I don't know if I've seen better use of explosives. It's muffled and sounds and looks great. It goes poof instead of boom.

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