Sicario ★★★★★

Chilling was the word that came to my mind after I watched "Sicario" I think the film's ability to convey the horror of the drug violence in Juarez through the eyes of the character portrayed by Emily Blunt succeeds in putting you the viewer in her place from the opening scene in the "house of horrors" in Arizona. Seen through her eyes multiplies the impact of the violence mostly because she does so well in this part. This slender woman in the midst of hardened covert operatives who look like they're twice her size really added an extra quality to the already intense drama of Juarez, Mexico in the grips of daily barbaric style violence that had to have shaken the city's innocent citizens. Denis Villeneuve deserves a lot of credit for using Emily Blunt so effectively. How she makes sense of the violence and comes to grips with it within her training and ideals is just shocking. It's a great piece of acting. It shows the breakdown of her trust and confidence in her fellow officers as they sink into the pit of carnage and expect her to join them. It's the death of the values of due process occurring on an institutional level. What exactly is the role of law enforcement in the midst of what seems like indiscriminate carnage of the drug wars? The police on both sides of the border would say it's just narcos killing narcos but this film wants to portray bigger issues in a world of corruption and corpses. The picture seeks to portray just how out of hand it's gotten. It's almost like there's no going back to the time before all this grew to become the horror it is today. The commitment of this film to portray an omniscient drug war that corrupts everybody on some level just makes for gripping cinema.

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