Superstition ★★★½

A house built over the foundation of a church that burned down in 1692 after a witch was executed by drowning her in a pond is occupied by an evil presence. Since an 80s family moves in, a mom, dad, and two teenage or early twenties daughters, "Superstition" blends the 80s slasher style with a kind of gothic flavoring. There's Gregorian style music when someone gets killed as the girls scream. So which style do you like more, cause "Superstition" is both. I go for the gothic stuff, so I found the flashbacks to the witch trial and pond execution weird and pretty well done. The 80s slasher parts are good but not totally stand out material, though the director runs with the ideas to total commitment by the end, so while the acting sounds sketchy mostly, or almost entirely, overlook that and the visual spectacles of which there are a lot, mount up and will keep you watching. It's just the girls and the mom scream too much and the dad doesn't have a clue. There's a reverend in the picture who finds a plastic metal cross from 1692 in the pond which also has some great moments. It's a real blend that works alright. I watched it twice because the first time I thought it was stupid and turned it off. But it actually kind of kicks ass.

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