The Day of the Triffids ★★★★

Almost the entire population of the earth is blinded by a meteor shower that the media had proclaimed as a once in a millennia event the simply couldn't be missed. Then alien carnivorous plants called triffids multiply exponentially and start eating the blind, helpless humans. The mass blind attack part is superior to the carnivorous triffid part of the film in my opinion. It includes scenes of sheer panic and treachery mingled with gentler scenes of people quietly hugging buildings in order to make their ways through their neighborhoods. It is noticeably effective in its evocation of the situation. But "Day of the Triffids" follows the familiar story. Do not worry because this mess will be solved eventually. Yet the multiplying triffid menace hits home when hundreds of them crash through the windows of a country manor where escaped convicts who can still see are having their way with the manor's pretty but blind women, one of whom is doing a pretty cool table dance. There is no graphic scene in the film of what a triffid attack on a blind human looks like. As it is, it's just a scream or two, leaving it up to you to imagine the carnage. Overall, pretty wild for a British sci-fi film from 1962. Plus the special effects may look fake but somehow work more than detract. There's excellent use of color throughout.