The Outsiders

The Outsiders ★★★★

The Outsiders does a good job of reminding us what it was like to be a kid. Loyalty seems like it was the most important quality. Having your group back you up and you doing the same substituted something close and relevant for what would await you once you got older and had to start working and stuff. A degree of elitism and exclusivity taints it all but movies like this and Stand by Me tinge loyalty to one's social clique in the golden light of a late afternoon. Stuff is going to happen but the bond still holds up. This Sam Hinton story is classic coming of age. It's got this really compelling Romeo & Juliet thing going with Ponyboy and Sherrie "Cherry" Valance, but the story doesn't quite follow that path, though they share some telling lines and glances. It's not like she's gonna start singing "He's a Rebel" or be his girl. But the way it turns out is almost better.

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