Barbarian ★★½

This is so close to being a great horror movie. Shot well, interesting premise, good tension, and fantastic plot twists. So why is it not great, in my opinion? Frustratingly stupid characters.

This so frequently falls into the trope of characters doing the absolute dumbest thing they could so plot can happen that it became irritating. This is particularly annoying given how much focus was given to characters being cautious at the beginning of the film.

There is a lot going for this movie. I'd even recommend it but it irritated me to the point of taking me totally out of the movie. I can overlook SOME dumb horror movie characters doing dumb stuff but to rely on it so heavily starts to come across more as lazy writing.

Could be they are intentionally using it to elicit that "No, don't go in there!" tension in the viewer. That may be worse. Making every character unbelievably dumb for "No, don't go in there!" is the equivalent to throwing a random cat at the camera for a jump scare. Lazy and cheap.

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