Friday the 13th Part 2

Friday the 13th Part 2 ★★★★

Re-watched this at the Quasar Drive-In as part of their Friday the 13th seven film all night marathon. Sandwiched between the first and third films, particularly having seen the first film SO many times now, I found Part 2 to be way more enjoyable this time around.

Some memorable kills, characters I don't actively hate, bag-head Jason, and the BEST final girl of the franchise. Jenny goes after Jason with a chainsaw then breaks a chair over his head. So good, even if this Jason is a bit clumsy. It also benefits from being able to pull off the nonsensical F13 ending shtick before Part 3 promptly drove it into the ground.

And, perhaps more importantly when it comes to this re-watch in particular, it clips along at a good pace. No extended scenes of characters making a pot of tea. Boo, however, for killing off Ralph. Then again, he's been warning people about the death curse for years. He should have known better.

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