The Fog

The Fog ★★★★

Slow, atmospheric, and eerie John Carpenter flick. Solid creepy moments & excels at conveying that small town night stillness. Something that really struck me this watch was meshing these supernatural elements with violent slasher-style kills. Weird. Like, a victim could show up with a year of sea rot overnight BUT most the time they'll just get a pirate hook to the throat.

Love this movie but knocked it down a 1/2 star this watch. Characters get onboard with the concept too easily. Plot contrivance for enjoyability's sake. I actually kind of appreciate that. The film opts to keep the plot moving rather than get bogged down with frustratingly stubborn characters. It still seems a little too "neat" how the characters come together.

Overall, an often overlooked Carpenter film. Not his best, of course, but still a great laid back late-night horror movie.

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