V/H/S/85 ★★★½

Solid entry in the series. Anthology films can be hit & miss but the weaker segments here are not too bad. I'll address the segments in order of my enjoyment...

"No Wake/Ambrosia" was my favorite segment. Its presented in 3 parts, intercut with Total Copy and other segments. Good tension, cool premise, and two solid twists. I don't know where it could have gone beyond this but I wanted to see more of this story unfold.

"Dreamkill" way my 2nd favorite. There is some brutal gore here as it has slasher elements but also introduces intriguing supernatural elements that captured my imagination. Great concept that I would have liked to see further explored. This segment has a cleaver trick for almost "cheating" the found footage premise to create a couple of more cinematic sequences without actually breaking the premise.

My main complaint with Dreamkill is it feels like it's missing a scene that establishes a character relationship. Due to this I found myself somewhat confused during a pivotal scene which sucked a bit of the impact out of it for me.

"Total Copy" was as close to a wraparound segment as this has, which is good as the wraparound segments of some of the earlier entries tended to be weak. This was okay, though. Not great, not bad, but shot fairly well. Another concept that I wish would have been explored more fully. Even with the time allotted I feel it could have handled it's character development a bit smoother.

"TKNOGOD" was a shorter segment, thankfully. I liked the central idea a lot. Weird fuckin' execution, though.

"God of Death" started strong but ended weak, in my opinion. Good tension and a real sense of danger throughout most of it, though.

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