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  • Live: The Last Concert

    Live: The Last Concert


    Happy Selena Day! 🌹 It’s the reining Queen of Tejano’s 50th birthday today! I had previously only ever seen clips from her final live televised performance so it was wonderful to finally see the entire concert.

    ♫♪ Set list:
    Disco Medley - I Will Survive, Funky Town, Last Dance, The Hustle, On the Radio
    Amor Prohibido 
    Baila Esta Cumbia 
    Tus Desprecios
    Techno Cumbia
    La Carcacha 
    No Me Queda Mas 
    Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
    Si Una Vez
    El Chico del Apartmento 512
    Ya Ves
    Como La Flor

  • Peter's Friends

    Peter's Friends


    “Your overreaction, though understandable, is an overreaction.”

    Just here for Dame Emma Thompson. Great chemistry amongst the leads as most of them did actually attend college together at Cambridge University. Based on the few Kenneth Branagh films I’ve seen, I find them to be a little too self indulgent for my taste.

    Would still absolutely kill to go to one of Stephen Fry’s dinner parties, though.

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  • Romeo + Juliet

    Romeo + Juliet


    Reasons why I love this camp masterpiece:

    •R + J’s fish tank meet-cute 🐠 (My tween ass said Now That’s What I Call ROMANCE!)
    •That wild Capulet Mansion party 🎭 
    •John Leguizamo’s best role (fight me)
    •The mash-up of styles from classic westerns to Latin American iconography (thanks to largely filming in Mexico City) to Miami night club culture 
    •Soundtrack featuring everything from classical music to 90’s pop like The Cardigans to Radiohead and even a Prince cover by a…

  • Cruel Intentions

    Cruel Intentions


    “I wanna fuck!” 

    Best line delivery in this film but honorable mention goes to Gellar’s delivery of, “Tastes good.” 🥂 Girl, you bad! You nasty! Will SMG ever make another film that tops this role?? Overall this is some hilarious white people nonsense and I love it. Delightfully wicked performances and that Selma Blair is a comedic genius.