Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★½

I was excited for the Alana Haim casting but didn’t realize that the other Haim sisters were going to be featured this much! I met them years ago in Austin, Texas and they were absolute angels. Glad to see them doing so well and I almost cried during the credits when I saw that their actual parents played themselves in this as well. PTA clearly wants to be adopted into the Haim family and, honestly, same.

As for the age gap between Alana and Gary, it’s made clear that she’s older but seems a bit ambiguous as to how much older. At one point her character says she’s 25 and then later says she’s 28. When asked her birthdate she nervously replies with only the month. In an interview, Haim herself responds to the question with, “We never know.” If we’re basing it on maturity, I have a hard time believing that her character is a full ten years older as she definitely still acts like a teenager and I kept waiting for the reveal that she is actually 18. Who knows? Maybe she is.

So much fun overall and the box truck scene gave me so much anxiety! As someone who has regularly driven both box trucks and vehicles made in the 70’s I was on the edge of my damn seat!! Just a good time at the cinema.

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