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Most Miserable Moviegoing Experiences of the Decade

Ethan Vestby

Ethan Vestby 10 films

#TheResistance Kitsch: A Canon

Ethan Vestby

Ethan Vestby 16 films

Movies I Have Ironically Seen in the Theatre While Donald J. Trump Has Been President

Ethan Vestby

Ethan Vestby 12 films

Amazon Prime Canada - Noteworthy Films

Nathan Douglas

Nathan Douglas 329 films

The Only Good Marvel Films, ranked


JesseHawken 1 film

Nigel B 70s Canon Official

Neil Bahadur

Neil Bahadur 59 films

A24 Flops

Ethan Vestby

Ethan Vestby 17 films

Canadian Movies About Stealing Alexander the Great's Sword to Give You the Edge in an Underground Fighting Competition

Paul Corupe

Paul Corupe 3 films

Acclaimed 1999 Films in Which a Middle-Class White Male Office Drone “Wakes Up”

Ethan Vestby

Ethan Vestby 4 films

Movies That Were #1 at the U.S. Box Office the Weeks Immediately Following 9/11

Will Sloan

Will Sloan 5 films