Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ★★★★

There's a key scene in this film where an incognito Steve Rogers visits a Captain America/WWII museum that directly mirrors another scene from The First Avenger. In that movie, a weak Rogers visited an enlistment station, naturally featuring a ton of WWII propaganda. In one shot, Rogers finds his too-short face reflected in a mirror with a US uniform painted around it, unsubtle but still effective. Now 70+ years in the future, he's become the absolute symbol of American exceptionalism, even as he can't come to grips with his country's current security-obsessed, trigger happy incarnation. In other words, these films are a (literal) wrestling match of American ideology both past and present. Tony Stark make be the most interesting character in the MCU, but the Captain America films are the most interesting American blockbusters since The Dark Knight, bar none.