Rane has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2015.

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


    Dissenting opinion: The Phantom Menace is not the worst Star Wars movie.

    True, our morality play-slash-adventure story has been replaced by a boring, convoluted mediation on democratic politics, trade embargoes and the pseudoscience behind religious super powers. True, the movie is filled with alien characters of disgusting ethnic stereotypes. True, our previous cast of lovable archetypes has been replaced with the most bland, soulless, annoying husks of characters in recent memory (barring future sequels, of course.) All of these critiques…

  • Pawn Sacrifice

    Pawn Sacrifice


    Do we really need an Oscar-bait prestige biopic about EVERY SINGLE "troubled," probably-no-definitely-autistic genius (white male) figure in history?

    Note: Autism is in no way a character flaw, but poor representation of autism as an affliction that instills one with genius qualities at the cost of severe mental health issues is a worn stereotype that grows more tiresome with each depiction.

  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World


    Forget the Indominus Rex, the real monsters of this film are the products placements.

  • Applesauce



    "You're lucky I don't go to the police!"

    "Then go to the police!"

    "No, I don't need the police!"

    ...oh, it's one of THOSE movies.
    (Seen at LRFF 2015)

  • American Sniper

    American Sniper


    Sad that what might be Bradley Cooper's best performance to date had to be in this simplistic, almost-juvenile depiction of the Iraq War.