Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

This movie is beautiful, point-blank. The title song alone (Mystery Of Love by Sufjan Stevens) deserves all the praise in the world.
The aesthetic from the clothes and the music and the props was perfect.
Timothee Chamalet’s performance was outstanding, from his little quirks of straightening his posture to then immediately collapse back into a curve, to the way he took every step, to his awkward mannerisms of malpracticed dancing and general dorkiness. The chemistry between Armie Hammer and Timothee: how was this “just some actors” “playing some roles”? Life is beautiful and magical and that’s all I’m saying.
The ending long take: oof! yes! i live for this!
This is beautiful and scary and powerful and quaint and simple and seemingly a blip in time yet has everything that matters and it’s disgusting yet relatable.
I can’t help but project myself in the life of Elio, and think of all the times I should’ve said something. Or how I could easily recognize that cry, that sense of guilt, that giddiness, that pull-away from a touch, that need to impress, that quiver of desire. To say something or die.
I’ll think about this for some time to come.....
Just beautiful.

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