Tenet ★★★★★


Ok Tenet... I don't know how to say I loved it without sounding like a Nolan fanboy. It was hell original a feast for the eyes to look at.

John David Washington (BlackKKlansman) was fantastic... Seriously has become my new fav actor... And I really feel like this should have been released world wide together, because the less you know going in the better.

Best way to describe it... And you'll probably read alot of reviews like this is James Bond on drugs... Its trippy and multi layered much like Inception. Aaron Taylor Johnston (Kick Ass) and Robert Pattinson) were great. I just hope it gets the credit it deserves being released during Covid-19. If Nolan doesn't get cinematography for this I'd be shocked.

If I had to give any kind of bad side it would be the generic ominous Nolan soundtrack... I mean it works and does the job... Just would have been different if he branched out.

Also not really a bad thing if you like that sorta thing... But there is no warming up into this one... You are hit in the face with alot information (and action) in the first 20min. Which I loved. Opening is equal... If not better than The Dark Knight.