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  • The Reflecting Skin

    The Reflecting Skin


    "Even Angels Lose their wings"

    From Author turned filmmaker "Phillip Ridley" comes his mythical and mysterious film debut "The Reflective Skin" a strange and unsettling look at loneliness and loss of innocence. Comparisons to David Lynch will always come about if a film is in anyway odd or weird but this is certainly no imitation more in style with Twin Peaks to which this was released before.

    The story is told through the eyes of a not so innocent 8…

  • Hounds of Love

    Hounds of Love


    A young girl is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to survive.

    Hounds of love is a film of extreme intensity, like if I had watched this in a cinema i'd be wanting to stand up and walk out, for no other reason than the power of suggestion. It's violent but most of that violence…

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  • My Friend Dahmer

    My Friend Dahmer


    The story of a real life monster that has touches of the humane, oddly affecting in places but I don't think it really tries to show why someone was so into killing.

    The evolution of a serial killer, with some very uncomfortable scenes. We know the ending and for once would like to spoil it. Ross Lynch's lurking performance is a winner.

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Ramsey gives her version of a conventional revenge thriller. She tests the boundaries of minimalism in a genre that is usually packed with gleeful violence. 

    There is violence, brutal, but never lingers. It takes aim at tough subject matters and has a protagonist in Joaquin Phoenix that is dark, desperate and clinging on to his own life and soul. I won’t lie and say I fully understood it first time round but I certainly marvelled at it. 

    Has an excellent…

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  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    "Are you Diaboliqueing me?" - Stephanie Smothers

    A thriller mystery packed full of twists and turns with a good dose of comedy. The kind of film The Spy who dumped me so wanted to be. Slick in places and delightfully sleazy in others. Has two charming and cool female performances in Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, the latter bringing tons of charisma. In the middle of these two stellar performances is Henry Golding with the look and presence but really…

  • The House with a Clock in Its Walls

    The House with a Clock in Its Walls


    A weird and incredibly strange little film that is marred by an awful child performance. Unfortunately he is in almost every scene, his emotional range is hammed up to cringe level. The rest of cast are good and Jack Black is just reliable. 

    Never realised this was an Eli Roth film until his name appeared. I’ve not enjoyed any of his directed films but he utilised his horror background here. Some scenes are naturally creepy, and reminded me of goosebumps…