Malignant ★★★★

Had this down for another Conjuring clone and Wan going back to that style.

Got it so wrong... I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of batshit and insanely silly filmmaking. What's best is that it just goes for it, no bailing out in the last act, in fact, it doubles down. It doesn't hold up to scrutiny and neither does it care. The style is what you expect and at times it's gorgeous. The outlandishness will put audiences to the test and I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed that aspect because it's something if not done right just grates. I think they get the tone perfect it's straight-laced enough to command your attention but all the time it knows how ridiculous it all is.

Was a big fan of the music, which should have been overbearing but honestly just added to my enjoyment and distanced a little more of my expectation.

It is also a mash-up of so many things I love; from the overhead shots reminiscent of De Palma to the play on J-Horror.

This was an insanely delightful detour from what I expected to be another run-of-the-mill ghost story. By no means is this a great film but I had a great time, so that counts for something.

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