Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

"Look how easy that was. I guess you just had to think about it in the right way. I guess it feels different when it's someone you love." - Cassie

A rape revenge thriller with a spanner in the works, no one gets off lightly including Cassie who has never come to terms with her best friends’ suicide because of a sexual assault. She hunts the streets on the weekend, acting blackout drunk, waiting for the so called "good guys" to take her home and take advantage only to surprise them.

Rooted in genre fare but much softer on the violence which I think was a good choice. At first this is a fun and stylish escapade on comeuppance until Cassies actions become uncomfortable for all parties involved when her true motives are revealed.

It then becomes something a lot more tragic while never losing that style. It's also darkly funny as the film keeps you guessing right up until the finale.

Promising Young Woman is socially relevant and rightly provocative as it challenges a world where men think they can do what they want with the excuse of "well she shouldn't be that drunk", "You have to expect it if that's what you're wearing" type attitudes. This befalls the so called "good guys" more often than you would like to think. In fact, the men that describe themselves as "good guys" are the ones that need watching the most. If you are a good person then like everything it will show without a need for explanation.

It aims to shock of course but that's not all that it has going for it. Underneath the style there is a smart and intelligent story that sometimes must be told unsubtly. A film that will rub the right people the wrong way. Not perfect with its subject matter but it's as honest as it needs to be.

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