Scream ★★★★

Scream was a blast from start to finish with a new cast of young characters I got along with unlike in Scream 4. Goes for a more serious tone that works really well. The opening may be my favourite of the sequels.

It definitely feels different and that's because there is no Wes Craven whose heart and soul were in these movies but I honestly thought it was a great send-off for the series creator.

I loved the pop at the term 'elevated' horror and even when the meta stuff becomes a little jarring it's what the franchise is about.

I honestly thought it honoured the franchise reputation. It's not new, as, it uses a ton of variations of the original blueprint but it's modern enough to seem new. Ultimately the film exists to coincide with a new generation and OG's alike.

Of course, it's not perfect but these things rarely are - I also never realised how much I cared for the series beforehand, this film fully entrenched what I love about them.

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