The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

On second watch I think you can really appreciate the subtleness of Olivia Colmans performance - having less screentime than Stone and Weisz - Colman provides the melancholic undertones to what is for the most part a very funny look at the madness of how the royals live.

Saying that, Stone and Weisz are equally exceptional playing off one another. They both dazzle and it's as compelling as you would ever want it to be. I love the use of the fish eye lense, representing this fantasy land, yes it's a real place where real people live but it may as well be fantasy for the audience because this is not our or our ancestors world.

The finale really bring the dark themes and undertones to the fore and it's almost like Yorgos is telling us off for laughing (Although I don't think quite as severe as Haneke's Funny Games, it's not a lecture). By the time the games are over so is the comedy and you are left wondering who actually won, if anybody.

I think The Favourite is wonderful.

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