Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

I’ve been wavering on my thoughts and rating for Suicide Squad since I saw it last night. I’m settling on a three and half star even though it could very well be a three. I don’t think it deserves such a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but Suicide Squad is far from the perfect “comic movie”.

All thoughts aside, it was a thoroughly entertaining movie. As my father leaned over to me at one point and remarked (and I agree), “We need to get this soundtrack!” However, a few of the songs have been used a time or two in the same setup; meaning please stop using them. Fortunate Son, anyone?

I haven’t read Suicide Squad graphic novels so I’m not super familiar with the material David Ayer had to work with. My biggest issues while watching the movie were noticeably cheesy and reaching dialogue. Nearly every scene with Diablo felt forced and not authentic by any means. Harley Quinn was funny, but I felt she could have come off a shade darker, hit a little innocent for me at times. Months ago there was so much hub-bub surrounding Jared Leto’s depiction of Joker and here I find he doesn’t get much screen time.

I found the introduction to each character’s backstory an interesting method, if a bit baptism by fire (Bam! Bam! Bam!). Of course I think I’m a bit lost in the scheme of things too because I skipped Batman Vs. Superman, but someone else would have to confirm this for me.

I’m not sure how else to round out my thoughts for this movie, except to say again watching was entertaining…so stop analyzing it Maddie!

***Update (same day as review posted later in the day)*** After reading this review to others and discussing, I'm going with my orginal feeling of 3 stars. I also want to recognize (because of further discussion) 3 stars is being generous...perhaps too generous.

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